A sampling of some of my favorite  projects

Western Wall Ring

A bronze ring designed to evoke the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel.

neolithic pepper shaker

Housewares Inspired by Neolithic Tools

Neolithic Salt+Pepper shakers. Household items re-imagined as stone age tools. Created using ceramic 3D printing technology.

I ❤︎ You Sound Wave Jewelry Collection | STILNEST exclusive

Soundscapes for STILNEST. An exclusive jewelry collection.

Generic Soup on Display

32 (Generic) Soup Cans | Homage to Andy Warhol

The (tiny) story behind my homage to Andy Warhol.
32 (Generic) Soup Cans (2013)

Beethoven Symphony No. 5 – Baton

A 3D printed conductors’ baton created from the first four notes from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5

earpod earrings

 Earpod Earrings – Series One

My first set of Apple earbud specific accessories.

Lexi Locket | Graduation Present

A graduation present inspired by Strictly Ballroom.

3D printed Totem Face

Artist Collaboration | Lorrie Whittington Totem

TOTEM | a collaboration with UK artist and illustrator Lorrie Whittington