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I just launched the South Bowl on Kickstarter. It started with a simple idea for a bowl shaped like the bottom of the world. I went through several design variations but got really motivated as a direct result of the Trump/GOP government seemingly doing everything possible to deny climate change and forgo any notion of environmental stewardship.

I felt like I had to do something as a private citizen since the government was under new and frightful management.

I’m a designer and think about what goes into making an object. I also thought about those things we truly can’t see, like the energy used. The South Bowl takes these things into account and then some via it’s 1/4 metric ton surplus voluntary carbon offset. This carbon offset is an integral part of the product – just like the raw clay, or the glaze. Without the carbon offset, there is no product.

Offsets are one means of compensating for the share of the CO2 pollution you emit (by driving, flying, using electricity, etc.) by preventing the same amount of CO2 coming from another source. The South Bowl offsets an estimated 20,000% more CO2 than what was emitted in it’s manufacture and transport.

Furthermore the South Bowl is designed is designed in Pittsburgh and will be manufactured by Portland, Oregon based Mudshark Studios – an honoree at the first every Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Backers aren’t just getting a cool bowl. They are also backing American jobs, supporting fair wages, and a safe working conditions and doing real verifiable good for the world.

I am so excited to share this project with you and the Kickstarter community.

Check out the South Bowl campaign on




The campaign was a success!  While the tooling is being created pre-order bowls can be purchased here.

About Me

Jeremy Burnich founded JOY COMPLEX in 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

His goal: “bring clever ideas to life.” He strives to bring a smile to your face. He embraces the word “neat!” JOY COMPLEX is a factory that churns out good feeling, support, and positivity.

His work has been featured in leading industry publications and design websites.

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